First Graphite and UoA to develop graphene-based fire retardant

First Graphite reports that it is working with the University of Adelaide to develop FireStop, a non-toxic, low cost fire retardant for the building industry which could help in preventing fire disasters. FGR states that the effectiveness of this product combined with its simplicity could see its commercialization as early as 2018.

The University of Adelaide reports extensive test work on FireStop using FGR’s graphene as the primary ingredient, confirming it is well suited for the purpose. Test work has involved bench scale tests for the preparation of FireStop solutions at different graphene concentration levels. As reported, all results have been very positive to date with the large platelet size of the FGR graphene offering useful advantages.

Different coating thicknesses are being evaluated and initial results show that FireStop coatings are effective at only 33% of the thickness of competitor products. This could mean obvious commercial advantages, particularly if effectiveness is achieved with only one coat. In addition, early stage analysis has shown the cost of FireStop is significantly less than competitor products.

FGR and UoA aim to focus on the optimal mixture and application methods to achieve a product which will be sent to an independent organisation such as the CSIRO for third party testing.

In July 2017, FGR announced the receipt of government approvals for its planned commercial graphene production facility, which is aimed at being operational in Q4 of 2017. In that same month, FGR also announced that it has become a Tier 1 partner to the Australian Research Council Research Hub for Graphene Enabled Industry Transformation (ARC Graphene Research Hub).

Posted: Oct 23,2017 by Roni Peleg