Frontier IP provides funding to graphene-based photonics developer CamGraPhIC

Frontier IP Group subscribed to £842,810 of loan notes from portfolio company CamGraPhIC as part of a £1.5 million loan designed to help accelerate growth of CamGraPhIC, spun out of the University of Cambridge to develop graphene-based photonics for high-speed data and telecommunications.

CamGraphIC says it is currently working with partners to fabricate proof-of-concept sample devices.

In total, Frontier IP has advanced £1.05 million to the Cambridge company, including advanced amounts totaling £210,000 under previous loan agreements, and holds a 26.7% equity stake.

“Frontier IP believes CamGraphIC is making good progress both in executing its business plan and raising a larger equity funding round, having recently completed its first equity fundraising of £608,985 in June this year... The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the increasing need for robust data infrastructure and communications, emphasizing the relevance of the company's technology,” Frontier said.

Posted: Jul 10,2021 by Roni Peleg