Gerdau Graphene launches graphene-infused packaging that will reduce the direct plastic consumption of Gerdau's nail products by 72 tons per year

Gerdau Graphene, in collaboration with Gerdau (its parent company and a major Brazilian steel manufacturer), has unveiled graphene-infused packaging for Gerdau’s nail product line manufactured at three facilities in Brazil. Utilizing the new packaging is expected to reduce Gerdau’s direct plastic consumption by around 25%, or more than 72 tons per year.

Produced with proprietary G2D technology, the new packaging incorporates 1% Poly-G PE-07GM, the company’s inaugural polymer masterbatch with graphene dispersed in polyolefins such as polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Poly-G is suitable for the production of films, profiles, and sheets formed through the extrusion processes. The new thermoplastic products created using Poly-G PE-07GM are reportedly proven to be stronger and offer greater overall performance while costing less to manufacture and producing significantly less waste across the value chain. In addition, the products are lighter and longer-lasting, reducing total plastic waste by up to 40%.


While Gerdau's nail products are known for their 100% recyclable steel composition, the newly-developed packaging by Gerdau Graphene enhances its sustainability profile. Apart from the significant mechanical property improvements that include a 25.3% reduction in packaging weight and thickness and 39% decrease in perforations in the nail packaging (due to its tensile strength), the packaging also underscores a commitment to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

"In the evolving world of sustainable plastic innovation, Gerdau Graphene is blazing a completely new trail of innovation for companies around the world,” said Alexandre Côrrea, CEO of Gerdau Graphene. “Collaborating with Gerdau, we've redefined the single use packaging paradigm for one of the most recognized products in the Brazilian construction industry. This initiative not only increases packaging efficiency but underscores our environmental conservation ethos."

Débora Junge Baum, Gerdau's Marketing Leader, praised the collaboration: "Gerdau Graphene's expertise has ushered in a new era of packaging for our nail products. This not only exemplifies Gerdau's 122-year commitment to sustainability and innovation but also showcases the transformative potential of graphene."

Posted: Oct 11,2023 by Roni Peleg