GMG shares further updates on aluminum-ion coin cell batteries performance

Australia-based Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) recently shared initial performance data from tests performed on coin cells for the patent-pending surface perforation of graphene in aluminium-ion batteries developed by the Company and the University of Queensland (UQ). Now, GMG revealed further performance data of these graphene aluminium-ion coin cell batteries.

Graphene-aluminum battery updates by GMg imageSource: University of Queensland, GMG website

The experiments were performed at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) at UQ. Testing reportedly confirmed a very high cycle rate for graphene aluminium-ion coin cell batteries together with minimal reduction in performance over a 3,000 cycle experiment period (which includes charging up to full charge and discharge down to near full discharge) at very high charging rates including at 2 Ampere per gram (A/g) of cathode material for 1000 cycles, 5 A/g of cathode material for 1000 cycles and then 10 A/g of cathode material for a further 1000 cycles.

GMG graphene is currently being used to produce coin cell prototypes for customer testing. A commercial prototype for the coin cell is targeted before the end of 2021.

GMG’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Ashok Nanjundan said These results show a very high cycling rate for over 3000 cycles with negligible reduction in performance and at a very high charging rate up to 66 Coulomb or 66 C which is in comparison to what is typically seen with lithium-ion batteries between 600 and 1000 cycles at much lower charging rates of 1/5 C where performance typically reduces to 60% of original capacity.

GMG will make further disclosures regarding the performance and development of these graphene aluminium ion batteries as the research and development program progresses.

Posted: Jun 23,2021 by Roni Peleg