Grahope logo imageGrahope New Materials (GNM) focuses on the R&D of graphene heating technology and the development of graphene products in general. It has created patented technology of graphene heating film and filed over 100 invention patents.

GNM was founded by Professor Feng Guanping, who is a Chinese graphene industry pioneer, honorary president of Jiangnan Graphene Research Institute, and president of the Shenzhen Graphene Association.

To fully develop the market value of graphene heating applications, GNM has set up four subsidiaries in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wuxi and Changzhou respectively, and built up professional teams in product idea formation, industrial design, product R&D, large-scale production, and independent marketing. The Company has expanded its product portfolio to cover intelligent wearable devices, household intelligent heaters, and industrial applications, and also developed the world's first batch of graphene intelligent products such as graphene protective equipment, graphene electric heating paints, and graphene intelligent toaster.

Company Address: 
12F, B9, the 2nd area, Shenzhen Bay Ecological Park of Science and Technology
Guangdong Sheng 518063
Versarien - Think you know graphene? Think again! Versarien - Think you know graphene? Think again!