Graphematech and Add North 3D develop novel graphene-enhanced 3D printing filaments

A collaboration between two innovative material technology startups Graphmatech and Add North 3D (a Swedish 3D materials developer specialized in FDM materials) has developed novel conductive Aros Graphene-based filaments for 3D printing. This may open up many new different 3D-printing applications such as thermal management components, circuit boards and efficient electromagnetic and radio frequency shielding.

The recently developed 3D-printing technology based on Graphematech's Aros Graphene may grant the ability to control the exact level of conductivity of the filament. The new filaments will now be optimized and go through beta testing with a reference group before it is expected to reach the market in 6-12 month.

Graphmatech has recently developed a scalable and cost-efficient process for coating polymer granular and powder with Aros Graphene for obtaining high-quality dispersion. The process is considered as a compounding step before extruding filaments. The developed process can be also used for coating polymer granular/powder with many other types of additives.
Posted: Jun 26,2018 by Roni Peleg