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Graphenano logoGraphenano, based in Alicante, Spain and established in 2011 is a graphene and carbon nanofiber producer that is collaborating with the University of Castilla La Mancha in Ciudad Real.

The company manufactures high quality graphene in industrial quantity, with sheets sizes 50x50 cm, but its main focus is on graphene applications. In 2014 Graphenano launched a graphene-based paint called Graphenstone that is super-strong and can also help protect buildings from environmental damage. Towards the end of 2015 the company started to install a manufacturing plant for batteries with Graphene Polymer in Yecla, (Murcia) Spain. The new plant will begin operations in early 2016. Graphenano is also developing graphene composites, graphene sensors and photovoltaics solutions.

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Avenida Goleta 7
03540 Alicante