Graphenano to supply graphene flakes for cleaning radioactive water in Japan

The Spanish Graphenano is to collaborate with the Tokyo Electric Company on a pilot project to use graphene flakes to clean up the radioactive water in and around the nuclear plant of Fukushima, which suffered extensive damage in the earthquake of 2011.

Four years after the earthquake, there is still a high level of radioactivity in the area. It is planned to use graphene to clean up the water, where Caesium 137 would normally remain harmful for 150 years. Graphene is 60 times more efficient than any other procedure used in traditional cleanup operations, with each kilogram able to absorb 25 grams of radioactive isotopes. Still, the task will take years to complete, with tons of graphene needed to handle the large amounts of radioactive materials in the area.

Graphenano is currently able to to supply 35 kilograms per day, with hopes of increasing capacity in the future. The contract guarantees the medium-term future of Graphenano.

Posted: Mar 10,2015 by Roni Peleg