Graphene 3D Labs partners with Stony Brook University for graphene 3D printing testing

Graphene 3D Lab signed a joint-venture agreement with Stony Brook University (SBUY) for quality control testing of graphene-enhanced 3D printing materials. As part of this (extendable) one-year project, Graphene 3D will pay $137K to SBUY's Research Foundation, which will analytical services at a fully-equipped laboratory.

SBUY will consider both the mechanical and functional properties of those materials. They expect to report on the optimal printing conditions for graphene-enhanced 3D printing materials.

Graphene 3D Lab is a joint-venture between Graphene Labs and Lomiko Metals. The company focuses on the development of high-performance graphene-enhanced materials for 3D Printing. Graphene 3D Lab trades in the Canadian stock exchange (TSX:GGG), and we recently posted an interview with the company's founder and COO.

Back in May 2013, Lomiko Metals, SBUY and Graphene Labs signed an agreement to investigate graphene based applications - mainly supercapacitors and batteries.

Posted: Sep 23,2014 by Ron Mertens