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Graphene Batteries logoGraphene Batteries is no longer active - it has been merged into Morrow Batteries in 2020.

Graphene Batteries, based in Norway, is developing safe and durable graphene based high energy battery materials. The company aims to build an IP portfolio and later license it for production.

Graphene Batteries is mainly focused on Lithium-sulfur batteries, and has developed an improved cathode for such LiS batteries. The Company explains that its graphene derivative helps in solving two of the challenges that hold Li-S technology back and it sees possible applications in Drone batteries in the near future - which could find benefits in the light weight of Li-S batteries compared to current Li-Ion solutions.

Graphene Batteries’ development comprises of three main technologies which are being independently developed with a view to integrate them together at a later stage. It is important to note that each of these technologies can be separately commercialized.

GB also has proprietary LFP/graphene powder (cathode material for Li-ion batteries) that grants about 10% higher capacity than the state of the art carbon coated LFP powder, an improvement that is even more significant at higher currents.

Silicon/Graphene: GB has had a joint project with IFE (Institute of Energy Technology, Norway) to develop graphene-based silicon anodes with reportedly promising results. The compatibility with the sulfur cathode is now being evaluated.

Binder-less foil coating: The Company has developed a coated Al-foil reducing the electrode resistance very significantly.

In August 2013 Graphene Batteries announced it will jointly develop graphene-based Li-Ion battery electrodes with CVD Equipment.

In November 2014, we conducted an interview with the co-founder of Graphene Batteries, Rahul Fotedar. As far as we know the company is no longer in business.

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