Graphene Innovations launches UK operations

Graphene Innovations Inc has signed a new Tier-1 partnership with Manchester University's GEIC center. The company will establish a local company (GIIM) in the UK, with plans to hire 10 employees in the next few months.

The GEIC partnership enables GIIM to equip a private lab in the facility, with access to highly specialised applications labs and equipment, plus the unique academic and engineering expertise of the world-leading graphene and 2D materials community at the University.

The CEO of the UK operation is Dr. Vivek Koncherry, who's two startups ups were spun into the GEIC: SpaceBlue and Graphene Space Habitat. GIIM joins the GEIC with the backing of around $5 million of overseas investment, with a further significant investment in the pipeline for advanced manufacturing capability for construction material in Greater Manchester.

Frank Tyneski Chief Design Officer/ co-founder, GII, says The product and experience opportunities with graphene are in many ways similar to the digital revolution that changed our analogue world. The next design, experience and sustainable revolution will be graphene-based.

Graphene Innovations is developed graphene-based applications, such as batteries, solar cells, recycled rubber and construction materials.

Posted: Jan 14,2022 by Ron Mertens