Graphene Laboratories logoGraphene Laboratories (owned by Graphene 3D Lab) is developing and marketing functional Graphene materials and devices. Graphene Labs operates an online store called Graphene Supermarket which offers online graphene related products and other advanced materials.

In February 2013 Graphene Labs signed a strategic alliance agreement with Lomiko Metals to co-develop a vertically integrated supply chain.

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The latest Graphene Labs news:

Graphene 3D Lab announces R&D-royalty agreement with a Fortune 500 manufacturer

Graphene 3D Labs logoGraphene 3D Lab and Graphene Laboratories have announced that they have signed a research, development and royalty agreement with a Fortune 500 manufacturer (that has been included in the Fortune 500 list for over 15 years). The agreement specifies the development of multi-phased deliverables over the course of the next 12 months. For confidentially reasons, neither specific research objectives nor the identity of the agreement partner can be revealed. Upon successful completion of the research phase, and subject to approval by the U.S. FDA, the developed materials will become a part of a consumer retail product. 

The agreement defines that all R&D costs and royalty obligations are to be paid by the partner, as well as a first-right-of-refusal for supply of any graphene related materials in future manufacturing. All IP developed under the scope of the Agreement will be jointly held by both parties. 

Graphene 3D Lab Introduces a new product: Graphene Flex Foam

Graphene 3D Lab has announced Graphene Flex Foam, a new commercial product that will be available through Graphene Laboratories’ e-commerce site, Graphene Supermarket. The new product is described as a Multilayer Freestanding Flexible Graphene Foam, that brings together a conductive elastomer composite with ultra-light graphene foam.

The foam, a highly conductive 3D chemical vapor deposition (CVD), together with the composite, brings together the best of several worlds of graphene usage. As a flexible foam, the material is both lightweight and reconfigurable, adding to ease of use and handling, with a porous structure. The Graphene Flex Foam could be used in conjunction with other graphene-related materials–such as Graphene 3D Lab’s filament offerings–in the creation of electronics and other conductive products.

Graphene 3D Lab launches ShareStation

Graphene 3D Lab has launched ShareStation3D, a new web portal and free online marketplace that will allow users to download, share and print functional projects at no cost. The website already features several projects that can be made with Graphene 3D’s special conductive filaments, such as Arduino components, solar lights and battery housings, and unlike other 3D printing marketplaces, it supplies ready-to-print 3D files as well as full instructions, parts and supply lists and even free software in order to truly make functional 3D printing projects accessible to the home hobbyist.

ShareStaton was developed and underwritten by Graphene 3D Lab, makers of functional and specialty 3D filaments. The company states that until now, most home 3D printers have been limited to one type of print material – likely polymer – and owners are limited to projects that are static like cupholders, models, or jewelry.  Using functional or specialty filaments allow users to print working projects, dramatically expanding what can be accomplished with a 3D printer.

Graphene 3D Lab files patent for graphene manufacturing

Graphene 3D Lab has filed a non-provisional patent relating to the preparation and separation of atomic layers of graphene. This technology is said to represent a new, energy-efficient process to manufacture, sort and classify graphene nanoparticles, resulting in the potential for large-scale production of high-grade graphene.

The patent is relevant to graphene nanoplatelets - it covers a new, energy-efficient, non-chemically invasive process that significantly lowers the cost of preparing and separating high-quality, low atomic layers of GNP. 

Graphene 3D Lab acquires former parent company Graphene Laboratories

Graphene 3D Lab announced that it will be acquiring all of the issued and outstanding shares of Graphene Laboratories, their former parent company. Graphene Laboratories was originally with aims of developing graphene into a multi-use material suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Graphene 3D Lab will thus acquire an extensive existing client base and profitable retail operation that they will continue to run, and will also hold the provisional patent for a low-energy, chemical-free graphene manufacturing process. This will join the four US patent applications that Graphene 3D Lab currently has pending for its graphene technology.

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