Graphene Labs signs a strategic alliance agreement with Lomiko Metals

Lomiko Metals logoGraphene Laboratories have signed a two-year strategic alliance agreement with Canada's Lomiko Metals which owns several resource properties containing high-grade graphite. The two companies will co-develop a vertically integrated supply chain that includes a secure supply of high-quality graphite, cost-effective and scalable processing, tight quality control and integration of graphene-based products in end-user products.

As part of the agreement, Lomiko will provide mineral samples from the Quatre Milles Project, which will be used to test natural graphite to graphene conversion. Graphene labs will develop the graphite purification process.

This agreement also calls for joint R&D, PR and business and marketing strategy. Lomiko was also given an exclusive 2-year option to finance Graphene Labs (providing that it meets Graphene Labs funding criteria of raising at least $500,000 within eight months of the agreement, $1 million within 12 months and $2 million within 18 months).

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Posted: Feb 14,2013 by Ron Mertens