Graphene Manufacturing Group shifts focus to pouch cell batteries

Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) recently announced the signing of a binding Joint Development Agreement ("JDA") with Rio Tinto, with the goal of accelerating the development and application of GMG's Graphene Aluminium-Ion batteries in the mining and minerals industry. GMG followed up on that announcement with an update on a series of changes, intended to further align development activities and support the progression of the Battery JDA.

First, the company said consumer feedback made it clear that pouch cell, rather than coin cell, batteries were of greatest interest to potential key customers. Additionally, the progression of the battery from the current Battery Technology Readiness Level (BTRL) Level 2-3 (Scientific Proof of Concept into Electrochemical Development) could be accelerated by having potential customer partners help define operating and design characteristics, the company said.


The JDA weaves together both of these elements by gathering customer feedback while also progressing the battery's technical development. It provides a clear development roadmap including use specifications and development targets.

GMG is currently making single-layer pouch cells to proceed to a 5-layer pouch cell testing and expects to have a greater than 25-layer pouch cell prototype by the first half of 2024.

To further enhance this alignment, GMG is moving forward with all scientific, product development and operations teams combined under the chief operating officer. The mandate for the sale of all products is now the responsibility of the general manager of sales.

The idea is to provide a stronger battery deep science to product performance linkage, prioritize activities and leverage learning across all product performance, the company said, as well as a streamlined engagement with customers with a single point of call for all products.

GMG also recently secured an additional 1,200 square meters of laboratory, storage and office space adjacent to its existing factory, to support the increasing analysis and development work needed for ongoing battery development. 

Posted: May 27,2023 by Roni Peleg