Graphene oxide reinforced Nanocomposite for Naval/Marine applications

Researchers from India's VIT University developed new a basic nanocomposite material for naval/marine application devices. This material is anti-corrosive and is a high-performance functional device, which the researchers say suits the requirements for applications for marine and naval conditions (humidity, temperature, etc).

The material is a graphene-oxide reinforced/conjugated polymer nanocomposite. A PEDO-block-PEG polymer was used as a host medium, with graphene-oxide as a modifier and PVDF as crosslinker. The researchers say this is a novel composite that exhibits high performance in structure, thermal, morphology and electrical properties.

This material also exhibits high dielectric constant and low dielectric loss - which means it could potentially find applications in electronics. This work was funded by the Naval Research Board of India, so obviously the marine applications are in focus. This research follows two recent research achievements by the same group - on a composite material made from graphene oxide and PVC, useful for all sorts of EMI applications, including radiation shields for radar and communication towers.

Posted: Aug 26,2014 by Ron Mertens