Graphenea joins the fight against Covid-19

With the emergence of the Covid-19 virus and its global threat, Graphenea initiated several steps to try and help those trying to combat this crisis. On March 16th, Graphenea approached all those performing research on treatment and diagnosis of Covid-19, to offer free graphene.

Now, Graphenea announced the production of a disinfectant alcohol-based hydrogel following World Health Organization recommendations and pharmaceutical guidelines. As part of its effort to join the battle against COVID-19, Graphenea will donate the hand sanitizer to public authorities for use in hospitals, by seniors, police and/or military personnel. The aim is to protect medical personnel, high risk groups, and law enforcement agents against the virus.

Graphenea will use its nanotechnology-grade laboratories to assure quality and traceability, as well as production in a contaminant-free environment. Graphenea’s production capacity is several metric tons a week.

Graphene-Info commends Graphenea's actions and wishes everyone health and a quick end to the Covid-19 situation.

Posted: Mar 24,2020 by Ron Mertens