Graphenest partners with Hubron International to explore graphene-based materials for EMI shielding

Graphenest and Hubron recently announced they have entered a strategic partnership to explore the development and commercialization of graphene-based polymer masterbatch and compounds with unprecedented electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding performance for electronic enclosures manufacturing. 

The companies explained that this new product line will start with a graphene-based thermoplastic suitable to be implemented as a remarkable EMI shielding solution in medium-high and high frequencies (for 5G and beyond).


The agreement brings together the expertise of Hubron International as specialist in black masterbatch and conductive polymers for Electric and Electronics parts and the knowledge of Graphenest around graphene production, and development of shielding products & IP.

“The combination between Graphenest technology and Hubron’s masterbatch and compound expertise will boost the innovation towards the best conductive polymers, specially made for the E-mobility and Electronics industries”, says Robert Laurent, Technical Director of Hubron.

“The usage of polymeric compounds based on graphene that can effectively shield high concentrations of microwaves and millimeter waves (5G/6G) will be crucial in the near future. We are observing a rise in interest, mostly because more electronics and e-mobility devices are linking to one another. As a result, we can no longer completely rely on traditional, unsustainable metals.”, says Bruno Figueiredo, Graphenest’s co-CEO.

Posted: Feb 26,2023 by Roni Peleg