Graphenest teams up with Delta Tecnic for the commercialization of graphene-based EMI shielding products

Graphenest and Delta Tecnic have announced a strategic partnership that will explore the commercialization of graphene-based polymer compounds with "unprecedented electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding performance".

This new product line already includes a PVC material that reportedly has extremely good electrical features that make it suitable for use as an EMI shielding solution in the cable industry.

The agreement brings together the expertise of Delta Tecnic as a masterbatch specialist for the cable & PVC industry and Graphenest's knowledge in graphene & shielding applications.

The companies explained that the cable industry is now able to use graphene-based shielding solutions to replace the conventional heavy, rigid, and time and energy-intensive old-metal braiding and foils.

Graphene, the most effective material for electromagnetic shielding purposes, is being in-house produced by Graphenest towards the formulation of graphene-based polymeric compounds that can provide high levels of shielding effectiveness of microwaves and millimeter waves (5G/6G) frequencies, says Bruno Figueiredo, Graphenest’s co-CEO.

Posted: Jun 21,2022 by Roni Peleg