Graphenest unveils the world's lightest kayak

A joint venture between Graphenest and Sipre (a Portuguese kayak manufacturer known for its flatwater, ocean and open water kayaks) produced what is hailed as the lightest surfski kayak in the world. It is 5.75 meters long and weighs around 9.3 kg.

Graphenest's graphene-enhanced Kayak image

This engineering accomplishment was enabled by substituting the ordinarily used epoxy resin by Graphenest’s HexaBond epoxy resin system for fiber reinforced composites. HexaBond can be applied in any fiber reinforced composites to improve mechanical strength, durability and chemical resistance. Hexabond is able to increase the strength of carbon fiber composites up to 24%, while simultaneously reducing weight by 10%.

HexaBond targets a $7 billion market as an epoxy resin for automotive and high-performance sporting goods.

Posted: May 09,2018 by Roni Peleg