Groundbreaking "Holey Super Graphene" Set to Revolution High-Tech

Nanografi has developed and produced a novel form of graphene it calls as Holey Super Graphene, a material set to redefine the landscape of high-tech innovations. This advanced material, notable for its distinctive perforated design, offers opportunities for various industries by solving some of their most intricate challenges.

Often referred to as holey graphene (hG) in the academic community, Holey Super Graphene has been perfected to meet the requirements of high-tech sectors, promising to hasten advancements and propel progress. Nanografi’s initial distribution in October 2023 marked the beginning of its integration into broader market applications, highlighting the role of such innovations in fostering global collaborations and partnerships in technology.


Holey Super Graphene, characterized by its unique graphene structure featuring holes and pores, combines the inherent properties of graphene with additional capabilities. In addition to graphene's well-known attributes, it has exceptional qualities, including ultra-high conductivity, an extensive surface area, and improved electrochemical performance.


What Makes Holey Super Graphene Unique?

Holey Super Graphene's remarkable properties offer significant advantages across diverse application areas:

  • Ultra-high conductivity (Up to 16,500 μS/cm)
  • High surface area
  • Excellent electrochemical performance
  • Pore size (>50 nm)

How Are Holey Super Graphene's Applications Shaping Our World?

Holey Super Graphene offers a multitude of benefits and applications due to its unique properties. Its ultra-high conductivity significantly enhances electronic devices, enabling faster data transmission. The material's extensive surface area provides numerous active sites, boosting the performance of supercapacitors, catalysts, and gas storage systems. This also contributes to its exceptional electrochemical performance, allowing for rapid charging and discharging in energy storage devices and more sensitive electrochemical sensors. The perforated structure of Holey Super Graphene makes it highly promising in fields like genetic research, medical diagnostics, drug development, biotechnology, and environmental monitoring. It plays a vital role in identifying genetic diseases, developing personalized treatments, and expediting drug development. Moreover, its high conductivity and versatility benefit energy storage by improving charge-discharge processes and extending the lifespan of batteries and supercapacitors. Its wide range of applications extends to electronic devices, fuel cells, gas sensors, water treatment, hydrogen storage, and biological research.

Future Potential

Holey Super Graphene, with its exceptional properties and versatile nature, holds promise as a key player in shaping the future. Its potential goes beyond current applications:

  • Emerging Technologies: As future technologies evolve, Holey Super Graphene's unique attributes may find applications in fields yet to be explored. Its adaptability and performance advantages position it as a versatile candidate for innovations on the horizon.
  • Scientific Discoveries: Researchers anticipate that Holey Super Graphene could unlock new frontiers in scientific exploration. Its perforated structure may reveal novel insights in nanotechnology, materials science, and beyond, leading to discoveries that reshape our understanding of the world.
  • Sustainability Solutions: In an era of increasing high-tech consciousness, Holey Super Graphene may play a pivotal role in sustainable solutions. On the other hand, Its potential in renewable energy, water treatment, and resource-efficient processes aligns with the growing need for eco-friendly technologies.
  • Global Collaboration: The international success of Nanografi’s Holey Super Graphene production and solutions signifies the potential for global collaboration. As countries and industries recognize its significance, collaborative efforts may drive further innovation and global partnerships.

Nanografi's Holey Super Graphene marks a significant advancement in material science, with the potential to significantly impact high-tech industries. In addition to graphene’s enhanced properties, its unique perforated structure offers a wide array of applications. The material's flexibility and outstanding properties indicate a future rich in innovations, scientific breakthroughs, sustainable solutions, and cross-border cooperation.

Nanografi is now providing samples and bulk materials of Holey Super Graphene. Reach out to us for more details.

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Posted: Dec 04,2023 by Ron Mertens