GS International established a new company to research and produce graphite based materials

Future Technologies logoThe GS International & RS Group, involved with graphite mining in Sri Lanka, established a new UK-based company called Futures Technologies , to develop and produce materials based on graphite - mostly graphene materials.

GS currently sells high carbon-purity graphite online from their 21-acre mining site in Sri Lanka. Future Technologies will use this graphite and will develop a scalable graphene production process. The companies are already offering graphene oxide, and have developed conductive polymers and graphene based inks that are being tested now.

The three companies (GS International, RS Group and Future Technologies) are all being headed by Sheriozha Anthony. Sheriozha tells us that they are now looking for a partner to help them expand and scale up their graphite mining and production facilities and fund the new UK based R&D company.

Posted: Jun 30,2013 by Ron Mertens