A hands-on (foot-on) review of SpaceBlue's graphene-enhanced recycled rubber floor mat

A couple of months ago UK-based SpaceBlue launched a graphene-enhanced flooring product called SpaceMat. The company sent us a floor mat for review here at Graphene-Info.

Reviewing a floor mat isn't easy - there's not much to do with it, so we decided to use it in our home for a few months - and let nature and our family of six (plus a husky) do its thing. One of the promises of the SpaceMat is its enhanced durability, and we definitely put that to the test.

At first glance, the product looks impressive and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, many visitors and neighbors said it was great looking and even some asked us where can they buy one.

Spacemat graphene-enhanced recycled rubber mat after 3 months

As expected, during the months of use, it collected quite a bit of dust, mud, leaves and wet dog foot prints. However can be seen in the video above, it is easily cleaned with just some water and looks brand new afterwards.

 Spacemat graphene-enhanced recycled rubber mat after cleaning

Overall I'd say our experience with the SpaceMat has been very positive, and we'll definitely keep using it after this review.

SpaceBlue, in collaboration with the UK's GEIC, developed this material out of recycled rubber from old car tires. The SpaceMat includes around 80% recycled rubber, 20% of new rubber - and of course the graphene flakes. Compared to regular recycled tire-rubber materials, it is extremely durable, as we can attest to. The graphene in the SpaceMat is provided by First Graphene.

SpaceBlue now plans to expand its product line as this material has many other potential applications, and is also looking to establish production sites around the world to make this product truly environmentally-friendly. The current mats are produced in India.

Posted: Dec 26,2020 by Ron Mertens