Haydale logoHaydale, the UK based company focused on the commercialization of graphene and other nanomaterials, declared its partnership in BIOGRAPHY, an EU funded project (through M-ERA.Net). 

Haydale's proprietary HDPlas graphene-based conductive inks will be used to establish a cost-effective mass production process for graphene-based biosensors, which are predicted to have a major influence on developing healthcare and environmental applications. 

This three year project started in October and is a collaborative venture between Haydale, Fraunhofer IBMT, Sauressig, AiCuris and cellasys which aims to print graphene electrodes with biofunctional coatings on large-area polymer foils via a roll-to-roll process. This project is set to develop a high-speed and low-cost process that should greatly benefit various medical applications.

BIOGRAPHY will undertake several steps to achieve its goal, incloding the production of a biocompatible, electrically conductive graphene ink (provided by Haydale) for rotogravure printing and a fabrication method for micro (<10 µm) patterning of gravure printing cylinders. The project will then develop the roll-to-roll process and production line for the surface functionalisation of large polymer foils by gravure printing of a micro-patterned graphene/protein multiplayer, and will provide a proof of suitability for the printed multilayer for two different biosensor applications.