Haydale enters into a development agreement with Huntsman

Haydale has signed a letter of intent with Huntsman Advanced Materials, a leading global chemical solutions provider, to use the company’s graphene enabling technology together with Huntsman’s ARALDITE resins and heavy duty adhesives to create enhanced composites

The agreed first step will be the development of a graphene enabled ‘master batch’ which will be used for development and validation. The companies hope that this work might open up the potential for a whole new range of advanced composite materials and products with enhanced performance and lower cost.

Haydale has declared that it has identified the composites market as a strategic sector for its functionalized graphene and other nano materials, and this agreement represents a major opportunity to work with a global partner to develop a whole new range of formulated resins with enhanced properties which can be sold into the composites' market across the world.

Posted: Sep 10,2015 by Roni Peleg