Haydale offers a new test method to characterize functionalized graphene materials

Haydale recently developed a unique graphene functionalization test method, which is also quick, accurate and performed in-house. This test method helps determine the type and extent of functionalization present on graphene materials and could help change the way graphene assessment and quality control is done, as traditional methods ( like XPS, FTIR etc.) can be expensive, time consuming and require a high level of expertise.

The company’s new method provides a rapid, simple and repeatable test to confirm the effectiveness of functionalization processes. Furthermore, the method is able to indicate the level of functional groups added and to discriminate between different functional groups. Complimentary to traditional chemical characterization methods currently used by graphene industry, Haydale's new dispersion stability tester provides an affordable and reliable quality control tool for functionalized graphene process development and manufacturing.

Posted: Apr 22,2015 by Roni Peleg