Imagine IM announces commercial installation of its graphene coating for geotextiles

Imagine Intelligent Materials, an Australia-based graphene applications company, has announced a commercial installation of its imgne® X3 solution, at a Queensland coal seam gas site, reportedly completed during the 2nd week of May.

The installations comprise a total of over 10,000 square meters of bidim C geotextiles, manufactured by Geofabrics Australasia and coated with Imagine IM’s imgne® X3. The conductive coating enables detection of holes as small as 0.7 mm using pre-existing, proven electrical testing techniques. The solution allows operators to reduce the risk of leakage of toxic leachate from CSG mining into groundwater and aquifers.

Imagine IM also announced that it has achieved firm purchase orders for its sufficient imgne® X3 over the next four months to coat a further 100,000 square meters of geotextiles.

Posted: Jun 01,2017 by Roni Peleg