Perpetuus Energy logoScientists from the Cardiff Catalysis Institute at Cardiff University conducted a comprehensive characterisation and analysis of Perpetuus' functionalized graphenes by using XRD, XPS and Raman microscopy techniques.

The results indicated that the proprietary plasma manufacturing process produced friable, highly crystalline, commercial-scale quantities of functionalised graphenes. It was inferred from the study that the plasma technique of graphene production adopted by Perpetuus could generate stacks of below ten layer thickness with high quality domains.

Perpetuus was happy with the results and requested further evaluation of the same materials used in the test for its suitability in a commercial setting by handling and managing conductive ink production. The test results were positive and concluded that the resulting ink with a 5 ohm per square resistivity was a good choice for mass-market commercialization. 

The Perpetuus Board declared that the results obtained from the independent quality and quantity studies of the functionalised graphenes from Perpetuus show that the production capacity of Perpetuus is 140,000kg per year, and that the plasma production process from Perpetuus can produce highly crystalline, friable functionalized materials, which are commercially suitable. According to Perpetuus, this is the first verifiable, detailed ‘full suite’ analysis of industrial scale production of graphene materials.

Source: azom