India-based Log 9 launches graphene-based filtration products

Log 9 Materials, an India-based startup incubated at the TIDES incubation centre at IIT Roorkee, has identified use cases for graphene in energy and filtration and has deployed graphene-based products in these two areas.

A few years ago, the Company reportedly launched a product called PuFF, a graphene-based filter that can be attached to cigarettes to reduce the toxic chemicals from smoking by 50% with the smoker’s user experience not being affected. The product is now being sold by a pharma company under the brand name ‘Filtr’. Recently , Log 9 also launched its Oil Sorbent Pads LSP 20.

Kartik Hajela, co-founder and vice president of Log 9, said the start-up is currently working on six new technology developments. Log 9 also manufactures high-quality nanomaterials in bulk for industrial production of these products.

As mentioned above, one of the latest products Log 9 has developed is ‘LSP-20’ —an oil sorbent pad. The product is applicable in industrial clean-up, oil leaks and spills. Our oil sorbent pads can absorb oil, petrol chemicals or other hydrocarbon-based liquids, said Hajela. LSP-20 is able to absorb oil up to 86 times its own weight and has been tested against British standards by third-party laboratories and has also been certified safe to incinerate and dispose of. Hajela added that the product is competitive in terms of cost and performance efficiency. Log 9 has got pre-orders for the product from marine and oil refining companies.

Hajela said that Log 9 is now working on energy solutions as alternatives to conventional energy storage options such as lithium ion. It is looking to incorporate graphene into metal air batteries to make a commercially viable, clean solution for energy generation which does not require charging. Log 9 is targeting these batteries to be used in both mobility and stationary applications.

Posted: Sep 25,2018 by Roni Peleg