Indian University receives grant for a project to turn plastic waste into graphene

A $300,000 USD grant (nearly Rs 2 crore) has been secured for a 3-year project proposed by Kumaun University in Nainital, to synthesize graphene from plastic waste for use in energy and biomedical applications.

The project will use a specially designed multipurpose incinerator (furnace) to synthesize graphene from plastic waste and also for conversion and collection of the fuel from plastic waste for automobile and other industrial applications. Waste material, garbage, and plastic will be collected for the project from Nainital and adjoining areas.

The University states that once there is an ability to make graphene out of plastic waste, it can eventually also be used as an alternate source of energy. The project may also motivate people to collect used plastic bottles and other plastic waste;

Posted: Apr 19,2016 by Roni Peleg