James Briggs set to launch graphene-enhanced paint primer following collaboration with Applied Graphene Materials

Applied Graphene Materials has a longstanding collaboration with James Briggs, one of Europe’s largest consumer chemicals companies, to develop graphene-based anti-corrosive coatings. Now, an announcement has come out regarding the fruit of this collaboration - a range of graphene-enhanced anti-corrosive vehicle paint primer is set to launch in the next few months.

James Briggs (JBL) has reportedly prepared its first commercial batch in preparation for full product launch. "JBL has successfully completed its first production batch which is a significant milestone for commercial realization".

Extensive testing has shown its effectiveness, Applied Graphene said, and JBL is now ready to launch the range of graphene-enhanced anti-corrosion aerosols under their Hycote brand.

Posted: Dec 19,2018 by Roni Peleg