KoreaGraph to test graphene li-ion batteries for fast charging electronics

KoreaGraph logo imageKoreaGraph, A Seoul-based graphene producer and applications developer, has announced that it is developing and testing graphene infused lithium-ion batteries for fast charging electronic applications.

KoreaGraph has reportedly tested a variety of metals to provide suitable conductivity for fast charging applications but after numerous testing, graphene was found to be the safest material with an exceptionally high electric and thermal conductivity.

KoreaGraph’s Chief Development Officer commented on the graphene module testing saying After many, many months of research, the current li-ion battery technology is restricted by recharging time which we plan to improve by the addition of graphene properties. Our analysts believe that the certain characteristics graphene possess would significantly improve the performance of lithium-ion battery technology and graphene will play a part in the future of Li-ion battery applications.

KoreaGraph’s Chief Development Officer also added With the foundations and the technology team we have in place, KoreaGraph is uniquely positioned to develop graphene infused Li-ion batteries. We have expertise in graphene and lithium-ion battery technology and we are working with high purity Lithium-ion anode battery powder and we have a supply for both graphene and anode powder fabrication processes. KoreaGraph’s aim is to develop battery technology that can store more capacity and deliver more power at lower cost.

Posted: Sep 06,2020 by Roni Peleg