Korean team designs graphene-based transparent flexible battery

Researchers at Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) have developed film-type, graphene-based multi-functional transparent energy devices.

DGIST develops film-type  graphene-based multi-functional transparent energy devices image

Senior researcher Changsoon Choi's team actively used single-layered graphene film as electrodes in order to develop transparent devices. By using a high-molecule nano-mat that contains a semisolid electrolyte, the research team increased transparency (maximum of 77.4%) to see landscape and letters clearly.

The research team designed a structure for self-charging electronic devices by inserting the energy storage panel inside the upper layer of power devices, and the energy conversion panel inside the lower panel. They also manufactured electronics with touch-sensing systems by adding a touch sensor right below the energy storage panel of the upper layer.

Senior researcher Changsoon Choi in the Smart Textile Research Group, the co-author of the paper, said, "We decided to start this research because we were amazed by transparent smartphones appearing in movies. While there is still a long way to go for commercialization due to high production costs, we will do our best to advance this technology further."

Posted: May 13,2019 by Roni Peleg