Lyten opens first 3D Graphene fabrication facility

Lyten has announced its first 3D Graphene fabrication facility located at its headquarters in San Jose, CA. Lyten developed Lyten 3D Graphene, a patented library of materials that has enabled the company to develop various solutions in the fields of energy storage, composite systems, and chemical & passive sensors.

Lyten 3D Graphene is described by the Company as a proprietary, tunable advanced materials platform that is the result of years of technological inventions by Lyten. Lyten 3D Graphene can be infused into many other materials and products to unlock higher-performance applications. For example, infusing Lyten 3D Graphene into polyethylene provides significant improvements in strength. Lyten 3D Graphene is extracted from methane and engineered into forms depending on the application.

“We’ve been a pioneer in 3D Graphene development and are looking forward to bringing our revolutionary materials to market,” noted Dan Cook, Lyten’s CEO and Co-founder. “I’m also especially proud that our Lyten 3D Graphene technology, in addition to becoming a critical material solution across commercial and defense sectors, will emerge as a foundational materials platform to deliver global scale decarbonization outcomes.”

As noted by Lyten’s Chief Business Officer, John Duke: “Not only is Lyten 3D Graphene a unique, sustainable technology, but our advanced batteries, advanced composite products, and advanced sensors will be produced here in the US.”

Lyten will announce further details on its business expansion plans in the near future, the Company stated.

Posted: Nov 06,2022 by Roni Peleg