Manchester U team prints flexible GO-based supercapacitors on fabrics

Researchers from The University of Manchester recently demonstrated flexible graphene-based supercapacitors printed directly on to textiles using a simple screen-printing technique.

Manchester U prints GO-supercapacitors on fabrics image

The solid-state flexible supercapacitor device has been demonstrated by using conductive graphene-oxide ink to print onto cotton fabric. The printed electrodes reportedly exhibited excellent mechanical stability due to the strong interaction between the ink and textile substrate.

The team expects that the development of graphene-based flexible textile supercapacitors using a simple and scalable printing technique could be a significant step towards realizing multi-functional next generation wearable e-textiles. It will open up possibilities of making an environmental friendly and cost-effective smart e-textile that can store energy and monitor human activity and physiological condition at the same time, they say.

Posted: Aug 14,2017 by Roni Peleg