NanoXplore logoMason Graphite logoIn January 2014, Canadian graphite mining company Mason Graphite announced that it acquired up to a 40% stake in NanoXplore for $700,000.

Yesterday Mason announced that it completed the second tranche of its investment in NanoXplore by investing $350,000 for an additional 20% interest in NanoXplore. As part of the agreement, Mason Graphite was appointed NanoXplore's sales, marketing and distribution agent.

NanoXplore is an R&D company that is developing a graphene production method. NanoXplore makes graphene from graphite, and the deal also states that Mason Graphite will become the company's exclusive graphite supplier and also its sales distributor. NanoXplore says that their proprietary technique to produce graphene is a low-energy, low-cost and scalable electrochemical conversion process.