National Graphite reports good results from their ultrasonic graphite to graphene conversion process

National Graphite Corporation (NGC) announced that they produced graphite samples from their Chedic/Voltaire Property in Nevada. The grade 7.0% graphite went through ultra-sonic treatment which yielded a powder with "graphene characteristics".

The field sample material was sieved and put into a clean Teflon beaker of de-ionized water. The slurry was sonicated with a Sonics brand Ultrasonic Processor (Model VCF-1500) and then dried. The dried, greasy powder was tested in a laboratory in Nevada and NGC says they are pleased with the results which shows they can convert graphite into a graphene product in a simple and cost-effective process.

A few weeks ago NGC signed an agreement with American Graphene to jointly explore graphene business opportunities: NGC will supply high grade graphite samples and American Graphene converted the graphite to graphene using the sonication process mentioned above. NGC says that current graphene prices range from $100 to $1000 per gram, but they aim to produce it with a target cost of around $10 per gram.

Posted: Jun 18,2013 by Ron Mertens