US-based NeoGraf Solutions, a leading graphite developer and producer, announced that it has started to produce graphene (GNP) materials, branded as Graf-X. The company mainly targets thermoset and thermoset and thermoplastic applications.

NeoGraf Solutions graphene production floor photo

NeoGraf says that it has an annual capacity of over 750 metric tons for its GNP material, and over 1,300 tons of its graphene precursors (GP), which are graphite products design to enable efficient conversion into graphene materials. The company produces its graphene in Lakewood, Ohio.

NeoGraf says that its graphene materials can increase the toughness of plastics by up to 2.5 times without a significant weight increase while a loading as small as 0.5 wt% can increase tensile strength by 15% or more. A graphene loading of 15% can double the thermal conductivity and push the electrical conductivity of plastics into the anti-static and static-dissipative ranges.

In composites formulations, loadings of <5 wt% of graphene can increase strength by 40%, improve stiffness by 20%, and elevate impact strength by 80%. Graphene can also improve the heat resistance of composites and provide noise reduction of up to 20%.

NeoGraf tells us that its proprietary process is is based on multiple top-down exfoliation methods starting with natural graphite.