Oxford Advanced Surfaces and 2-DTech to co-develop graphene-enhanced surface treatment materials

Oxford Advanced Surfaces (OAS) and 2-DTech (a Versarien subsidiary) has signed a collaboration agreement to develop a new range of products that incorporate graphene, into OAS’ proprietary Onto chemistry platform. OAS says these materials will enable it to enhance the mechanical performance and electrical and thermal conductivity of its products.

OAS says that its Onto chemistry platform delivers a range of versatile and reliable chemical surface treatments that are used to improve the adhesion of paints, coatings and adhesives to composite materials and engineering plastics. OAS aims to introduce a range of new products enhanced with graphene to address a wide range of applications and new materials challenges encountered in both its current and potentially new markets.

2-DTech makes and supplies 2D materials, including CVD-made graphene, graphene platelets, graphene oxide and other 2D materials. 2-DTech was spun-off by the University of Manchester and was acquired by Advanced engineering materials maker Versarien in April 2014 for £440,000.

OSA started looking into incorporating graphene into its products as early as in 2014.

Posted: Mar 18,2020 by Ron Mertens