Versarian acquires graphene maker 2-DTech for $740,000

Update: the deal is now complete, and Versarien acquired 85% of 2-DTech

Advanced engineering materials maker Versarien announced that it acquired 2-DTech (a subsidiary of the University of Manchester) for £440,000 (around $740,000) in cash and ordinary shares.

2-DTech makes and supplies 2D materials, including CVD-made graphene, graphene platelets, graphene oxide and other 2D materials. The company also offers prototyping of graphene based devices. One of 2-DTech suppliers is Graphene Industries.

Versarien also plans to sign collaboration agreements with The University of Manchester regarding graphene and they hope that this will mark a significant opportunity for Versarien to progress its product range with highly complementary technologies.

Posted: Apr 21,2014 by Ron Mertens