Perpetuus and OXIS to co-develop graphene-enabled Li-S batteries

Perpetuus Carbon Group and OXIS Energy agreed to co-develop graphene-based electrodes for lithium-sulphur (Li-S) batteries.

OXIS is already developing Li-S batteries, and the collaboration with Perpetuus will enable them to develop even higher performing devices. Perpetuus says that those next-gen graphene-enabled batteries will offer an energy density in the order of 400 watt-hours per Kg - significantly higher than current Li-Ion batteries. This may enable electric cars to drive up to 800 kilometers on a single battery charge.

In February UK-based Perpetuus Carbon Technologies entered the graphene supply market, and a month later the company launched two graphene based products - a graphene based ink and an ITO alternative polymer coating. The company also announced it is going to give up to 100 Kgs (worth $4.2 million) of surface modified graphenes to the UK graphene academic research community.

Posted: Jun 12,2014 by Ron Mertens