Revolutionary graphene polymer batteries for electric cars

Graphenano logoAccording to a report from a Chinese website, The Spanish Graphenano, along with the University of Cordoba and Grabat Energy, developed a polymeric graphene battery, especially suited for electric cars, that will be cheaper and lighter than conventional batteries and will run 1000km on a 10 minute charge. Graphenano claims that this revolutionary battery will be put into production in 2015.

Polymeric batteries can have a longer lifetime compared to conventional hybrid ones (up to four times!) and due to graphene's light weight, the battery itself will be light enough to improve the electric car's fuel efficiency.

This battery is even supposed to be 77% cheaper than lithium batteries, and it is rumored that prototypes have already been sent to several German car manufacturers, which at this time remain undisclosed. 

Back in August 2014, Tesla's CEO said the company is developing a new battery technology that will almost double the capacity of its Li-Ion batteries. It was reported that Tesla is also looking into graphene technology for this project.

Posted: Dec 16,2014 by Roni Peleg
Paul Knabenshue (not verified)

Any update on the Graphenano battery?   2015 has come and gone....would love to hear if there is an update.

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Christian Webb (not verified)

Seems like we get lots of dangling carrots but nothing seems to come to fruition. Let's hope we see some acceleration in bringing products to market post VW scandal.

Mon, 02/01/2016 - 15:01 Permalink