SiNode and Merck's AZ Electronic Materials to co-develop graphene-based materials for Li-Ion batteries

SiNode Systems signed a joint-development agreement with Merck's AZ Electronic Materials with an aim to commercialize graphene-based materials for lithium-ion batteries. The two companies will develop electrode materials that deliver high energy density and improved rate capabilities - to enable Li-Ion batteries that last longer and charge faster.

SiNode, established in 2013 to commercialize a novel anode Li-ion battery technology developed at Northwestern University, developed a composite material of silicon nano-particles and graphene in a layered structure. The company says that their material will enable 10 times higher battery capacity and a tenfold decrease in charging time compared with current technology. The company is now expanding its R&D and pilot manufacturing facility in Chicago.

AZ has exclusive worldwide rights to the high yield preparation methods of graphene oxide invented at Rice University. Pairing this GO materials with SiNode's electrode materials technology will enable a significant improvement in cell level performance.

Source: SiNode Systems

Posted: Aug 08,2014 by Ron Mertens