Skeleton Technologies, developer and manufacturer of high energy and power density supercapacitors, has announced launching a new graphene-based engine start module to help power heavy industry vehicles in extreme conditions. Called SkelStart Engine Start Module 2.0, it is available in 24V and 12V versions and is based on the graphene-based SkelCap supercapacitors, which Skeleton says provide the highest power and energy density on the market.

The new module’s casing is made of non-flammable material that is resistant to vibration and shock, and is a stud terminal device in BCI Group 31 size. Skeleton states that “SkelStart Engine Start modules are designed to provide reliable engine starting in even the harshest conditions, as well as reduced ongoing costs on maintenance and replacement. Businesses can therefore expect their equipment to work cost effectively year-round, affording them peace of mind.”

The SkelStart Engine Start Module 2.0 can reportedly replace a battery, or be installed in addition to existing batteries, to handle all engine starting duties.

In February 2017, Skeleton Technologies received €15 million in a loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB). In April 2016, Skeleton signed a €3.5 million distribution agreement with French transport tech developer Adgero, that ensures modules from Skeleton Technologies be part of the world’s first Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) for road freight.