Skeleton Technologies secures €4 million investment for development of graphene supercapacitors

Skeleton Technologies, the graphene-enhanced supercapacitor manufacturer, has received a €4 million investment from KIC InnoEnergy, an investment company dedicated to promoting sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe’s energy industry.

The €4m investment from KIC InnoEnergy will be used to further develop the competitive advantage of Skeleton Technologies’ supercapacitors. The company aims to reach the ambitious target of 20 Wh/kg energy density for its technology by 2020. The company will use the funds to further optimize electrode and cell design to allow for higher working voltages.

The investment was pledged as part of the €9.8 million Series B financing secured by Skeleton Technologies last year. With funds now in place, work will begin to develop electrodes that can fully capitalize on the performance advantages offered by CDC (carbide-derived carbon). These electrodes will then be integrated into smaller modules, reducing both the weight and cost of the final energy storage system.

Upon completion of this work, Skeleton Technologies expects to offer three times the performance/weight ratio of current market leading products at the same price. This milestone will play a significant role in accelerating the adoption of supercapacitors across transport, industrial equipment and grid applications.

The development work will be undertaken in collaboration with partners who will independently evaluate the performance of the supercapacitor modules, including Finnish electric drive train manufacturer Visedo OY.

Skeleton Technologies’ high-performance supercapacitors are set to be launched into orbit as part of a European Space Agency project and are also available as part of a hybrid Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) for defence applications.


Posted: Jan 28,2016 by Roni Peleg