Sparc Technologies reports positive results from testing of ecosparc-enhanced coatings

Sparc Technologies has reported positive results in relation to its ecosparc product. The critical Thermal-Cycling Resistance Testing has reportedly demonstrated significant reductions in cracking when utilizing ecosparc-enhanced coatings in comparison to coatings without ecosparc.

The prevention and postponement of cracking plays a pivotal role in extending the life of protective coatings. A primary cause of coating deterioration, which subsequently leads to corrosion and asset degradation, is the occurrence of cracks on welds and angular surfaces. An accredited third-party laboratory conducted the ThermalCycling Resistance Test.


In conjunction with these results, significant supplementary testing has been completed to international standards, all showing marked improvements that provide a positive compounding effect on the coating performance of ecosparc enhanced protective coating. 

These results further reinforce the value proposition of ecosparc in increasing time to first maintenance and then extending subsequent maintenance cycles providing both cost and sustainability benefits to the asset owner through reduced paint use and maintenance (re-coating) costs. Sparc is currently conducting life-cycle analysis to quantify these benefits to assets owners.

Earlier in 2023, Sparc commissioned its ecosparc commercial production facility. The facility enables Sparc to produce commercial quantities of
its graphene additive product. Target markets for ecosparc include the global coatings industry, composites and other graphene additive applications.

Posted: Aug 18,2023 by Roni Peleg