Surwon Technology uses graphene in an attempt to double the life-cycle of Li-ion batteries

Surwon Technology, a Hong Kong based materials developer, has reported a new graphene-based technique with the potential of doubling the life-time performance of conventional lithium-ion batteries.

The challenge for all energy dependent applications lies in creating a more robust, efficient battery fuel cell. We have found that graphene provides us with substantial flexibility as we continue to manipulate electrical behavior at the atomic level, commented Surwon Technology’s Chief Technology Officer.

In identifying lithium-ions as the most capable elements to maintain an electronic charge, we have utilized the properties of graphene to reinforce the structure of the anode component to increase elasticity and resilience against damage caused during the repetitive nature of a charge-discharge energy flow cycle.

By increasing the tensile properties of the atomic structure, our research shows that electrical conductivity is enhanced over a longer range as resistance to deterioration is increased in a more stable structural composite.

Surwon Technology will aim to use these initial findings towards a more detailed R&D effort as the company continues to work in collaboration with energy dependent application developers in pursuit of improving energy fuel efficiencies.

Posted: Feb 01,2018 by Roni Peleg