Graphene EMI Shielding

HydroGraph reports successful testing of its fractal graphene in electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding

HydroGraph Clean Power has announced successful testing of its flagship product, FGA-1, fractal graphene, in electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding.

The integration of HydroGraph’s graphene in epoxy resin was reportedly able to achieve substantial EMI shielding properties by reaching an 80-decible (dB) attenuation (a reduction of signal strength during transmission) in shielded enclosures of less than 1 mm thick. Minimum ratings for consumer protection are 30 dB and ranges from 60 dB to 80 dB for automotive and aerospace applications.

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Graft Polymer joins GrinShield Project Twinning program to advance graphene research

UK-based Graft Polymer has joined a consortium led by the Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences relating to the GrinShield Project Twinning program for new graphene-based composites in electromagnetic interference shielding. The initiative, supported by French, German and Slovenian teams, was formed in response to the growing demand for materials that can mitigate the effects of electromagnetic waves (EWs).

Graft Polymer will contribute its GRAFTALLOY MP-UHMWPE and NANO graphene emulsions to the project. These materials will undergo rigorous testing procedures by the institute, culminating in a joint research and development report due for completion in 2025.

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HydroGraph and EMP Shield to collaborate on graphene-based EMI shielding

HydroGraph Clean Power has announced its collaboration with Kansas-based EMP Shield Inc., a company focused on protecting devices from destructive electromagnetic interference. Under this collaboration, the HydroGraph and EMP Shield are developing advanced electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding using HydroGraph’s high-purity graphene.

Electronic equipment can be protected from EMI by conductive or absorptive materials and coatings. HydroGraph and EMP Shield are working together to develop coatings and insulated barriers to protect electronic devices by blocking unwanted disruptions or transmission of electronic data.

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Graphenest raises 1.8€ Million in funding to commercialize its EMI shielding solutions

Graphenest, provider of innovative electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding solutions for the electronics and automotive industries, has announced that it has raised 1.8€ million in funding to scale up its graphene cleantech production and its commercial business development. The funding was led by Ged Ventures and Portugal Ventures.

With this funding, Graphenest plans to expand its production capabilities and accelerate growth toward a circular economy, by expanding its portfolio of products and strategic partnerships with the industry's value chain. It is committed to deliver high-performance shielding products that can enable customers to replace metals that are dense, rigid, and energy & resource-intensive by graphene-based solutions

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Graphenest partners with Hubron International to explore graphene-based materials for EMI shielding

Graphenest and Hubron recently announced they have entered a strategic partnership to explore the development and commercialization of graphene-based polymer masterbatch and compounds with unprecedented electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding performance for electronic enclosures manufacturing. 

The companies explained that this new product line will start with a graphene-based thermoplastic suitable to be implemented as a remarkable EMI shielding solution in medium-high and high frequencies (for 5G and beyond).

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GrapheneUP launches next-gen graphene-enhanced formulations for textile industry

This is a sponsored post by GrapheneUP

Population growth and improved living standards require solutions for textiles with new functions to meet changing needs. Wherever they are used, graphene-based smart textiles provide added value in terms of improved performance or comfort. GrapheneUP®, a leading graphene company with the largest production of few-layer graphene in Europe, has developed and introduced into the market new graphene-based products for textile industry: INKGUP® Fabric and PRINTGUP®.

INKGUP® Fabric is graphene-based coating formulation for textile industry produced with few-layer graphene GUP®, designed to provide superior finishing properties. This formulation has been certified antiviral (ISO 18184:2019) also for SARS-CoV-2, antistatic and with excellent abrasion resistance and thermal regulation properties.

Several properties of textiles are improved using the formulations developed with GrapheneUP®, in particular the thermal regulation, abrasion resistance, EMI shielding, UV protection, excellent electrical conductivity, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

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Versarien launches graphene-based superparamagnetic material

Versarien has announced the launch of a new hybrid nanomaterial that has superparamagnetic properties, which can be used across a range of applications, like defense and healthcare. The new material combines graphene with both iron oxide and manganese oxide nanoparticles and its development was led by Versarien's 62% owned subsidiary, Gnanomat.

The superparamagnetic material combines graphene with both iron oxide and manganese oxide nanoparticles that provide the material with magnetic properties. In return, graphene provides electrical conductivity to these electrically insulating metal oxides. Magnetic nanocomposites can readily respond to external magnetic fields which allow them to be manipulated. Potential applications of the material include the treatment of wastewater whereby pollutants are adsorbed onto the graphene surface. The material could also lends be used in biomedical and biotechnology applications, or defense applications requiring the shielding of electromagnetic fields. Magnetic manipulation could allow the recovery and recycling of the graphene, something that could not be done with normal graphene compounds.

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Graphenest teams up with Delta Tecnic for the commercialization of graphene-based EMI shielding products

Graphenest and Delta Tecnic have announced a strategic partnership that will explore the commercialization of graphene-based polymer compounds with "unprecedented electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding performance".

This new product line already includes a PVC material that reportedly has extremely good electrical features that make it suitable for use as an EMI shielding solution in the cable industry.

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Graphene EMI material developer nanoEMI raises a 250,000 Euro seed round

Poland-based nanoEMI announced that it has raised around 250,000 Euro in its seed round, from GT Technologies, a Poland-based VC. The company says that the funds will help it scale up its production capabilities for graphene and composite materials.

nanoEMI focuses on EMI shielding applications, and produces its own graphene using two different methods (exfoliation in isopropyl alcohol and in castor oil), at its own pilot production line.

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Nanotech Energy to build new campus to expand manufacturing capabilities of graphene batteries

U.S-based graphene batteries developer Nanotech Energy is reportedly planning to expand its facilities and develop a 517-acre campus within the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center. The first building is slated to open in Q4 2022.

The high-volume facility will significantly increase Nanotech Energy’s manufacturing capacity to produce and scale its patented, non-flammable Graphene-Organolyte batteries and other graphene-powered products, including EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding, transparent conducting electrodes, conductive inks, conductive adhesives and silver nanowires.

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