Project NanoGraM promotes applications of suspended graphene membranes

Graphenea, in collaboration with industrial and academic partners (Infineon Technologies, WITec, RWTH Aachen University and Simune Atomistics), announced the successful completion of project NanoGraM that focused on nano/microelectromechanical (NEMS/MEMS) devices based on graphene. The project focused on three specific device concepts for potential future products: graphene microphones, graphene-membrane pressure sensors and graphene-membrane Hall sensors.

Project NanoGram image

The target markets for these devices include portable electronics (smartphones, laptops), automotive, industrial, and smart homes, among others.

Graphenea launches new GFET products

Graphenea has launched sales of GFETs (graphene field effect transistors) aimed at lowering barriers to adoption of graphene, especially the sensors market. Researchers needing GFETs for their applications, whether in gas, biosensing, or other applications, can now purhcase high-quality GFET devices.

Graphenea launches GFETs imageGraphenea's new GFETs image

Graphenea has started by launching two standard GFET-for-sensing configurations called GFET-S10 and GFET-S20, each including 36 individual GFETs on a one square centimeter die, but differing in device layout. The GFET-S10 has devices distributed evenly over the die and the GFET-S20 has the devices concentrated in the center of the die with electrical pads located at the die edge. The GFET-S20 devices all have a 2-probe geometry for probing electrical properties during sensing, whereas the GFET-S10 houses 30 devices with the Hall bar geometry and 6 with 2-probe geometry. The Hall bars enable magnetic field sensing, apart from applications in graphene device research, bioelectronics, biosensing, chemical sensing, and photodetectors that the 2-probe geometry also allows.

Graphenea launches a Chinese website to target the growing Chinese graphene market

Spain based graphene producer Graphenea has launched a new Chinese edition of its web site to specifically target the growing Chinese graphene market. China is becoming a leading adopter of graphene technologies, and Graphenea aims to supply its high-end materials for corporations in China.

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Graphenea produces CVD graphene sheets, graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide materials, which are on sale now in China via its online store.

Graphenea reports a successful 2017 with $1.9 million in sales revenue and additional milestones

Graphenea reports a successful 2017, with an impressive $1.9 million in sales revenue and a number of milestones. The company reveals that production volumes were expanded for both its staple products – graphene oxide and CVD graphene. A 1 tonne per year (tpa) graphene oxide production plant has been established at Graphenea's location in San Sebastian, Spain, where new CVD graphene growth and transfer systems for 100 mm (4”) and 150 mm (6”) diameter wafers have been installed. Equipment for 200 mm (8”) is expected soon.

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The increase of production quantity was reportedly accompanied with an enhanced focus on quality and compliance - the graphene oxide product was pre-registered with the European Chemical Agency (REACH pre-registration), a necessary administrative step for producers that sell more than 1 tpa of any chemical. CVD graphene is now produced in a class 1000 clean-room, leading to record-high carrier mobility. Graphenea has also been awarded with an ISO 9001 certificate for Quality Management System.

CVD Graphene prices continue to drop as commercial applications start to enter the market

CVD processes are used to create high-quality single layer (also bi-layer and tri-layer) graphene sheets. These kinds of sheets exhibit exceptional properties and can be used in a variety of exciting applications, from touch layers to transistors and sensors. For many years, CVD has been a high cost production process and this graphene is still mostly used in research projects in academic and research institutes, but prices are gradually dropping, to the point where commercial applications are starting to appear on the market.

Graphenea Monolayer CVD prices (2015-2017)

Recent years have, as we said, brought on a continuing price drop in CVD graphene prices. Spain-based Graphenea, a global CVD graphene leader, has an online shop in which it offers its high-end CVD graphene samples. We have been tracking the prices of Graphenea's CVD graphene since late 2015, and the graph above shows the price decrease.

Versarien - Think you know graphene? Think again! Versarien - Think you know graphene? Think again!