Talga cooperates with German researchers to explore graphene energy-related applications

Talga has entered into a joint work program with Dresden University of Technology and the Max Planck Institute, to test and develop low cost bulk graphene production for supercapacitor and battery related applications.

This 12 month research program aims to test and demonstrate the company's low cost bulk graphene product for supercapacitor and other battery related applications. Professor Feng from Dresden University will head the joint work program alongside Professor Klaus Müllen at Max Planck. Both Professors Müllen chair research clusters within the €1 billion Graphene Flagship program.

Precursor material for the graphene program will be supplied by the company’s wholly owned Swedish flagship Vittangi project. The program will commence by optimising the Company’s bulk graphene processing pathways before developing and testing Talga’s graphene for supercapacitor and battery related materials. An added target for the research program is the exploration of Talga ore characteristics for construction of novel high- performance materials.

In December 2014, Talga announced a cooperation with Friedrich Schiller to develop graphene ink.

Posted: Feb 02,2015 by Roni Peleg