Talga Resources signs collaboration agreement with Tata Steel

Talga Resources announced signing a collaboration agreement under which it, along with Tata Steel UK, will explore opportunities in graphene supply, processing and applications. The agreement links Talga’s emerging industrial scale graphene production to Tata’s growing large volume graphene coating innovations.

Initial work will have Talga supply graphene and graphitic carbon materials for use across applications in various Tata research programs including, but not limited to, anti-corrosion pigments and conductive, formable, barrier and thermal coatings.

Details of the agreement are in commercial confidence however Talga’s pilot test-work facility scale up is being designed to accommodate the needs of Tata product developments. Each Company will bear its own costs and the Company’s can share jointly in new arising intellectual property/product developments.

Posted: Nov 11,2015 by Roni Peleg